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Personalise your finest culinary creations

Didden’s chutneys will delicately enhance your foie gras, pâtés, terrine and game. From pre-dinner nibbles to dessert, they will add a whole new level of taste to your zakuski, poultry and white meat dishes, and even your ice cream. Didden combines expertise with a love of taste to bring you a traditional quality range to personalise your most sophisticated dishes.

Who else can say the same?

Didden’s onion chutneys and fig chutneys are made using only fresh onions and figs? This gives them an incomparable taste and texture.

Unparalleled expertise

A specialist and a real pioneer in chutneys, Didden has elevated its expertise to an art form at each stage of the production process: from careful selection of the right variety of onions, gathering them at the right stage in their development, to cooking based on an extremely sensitive and perfectly controlled traditional process.

Discover Didden's very wide range in the refrigerated and grocery sections of your supermarket and butcher.