Our Specialites

The new dressings by Didden : to combine health, pleasure and discovery

These products are totally natural, without any preservation agents or artificial colorants, which transcend the taste of poultry, white meat, smoked fish, and salads of course !

Original packaging options

From squeeze bottles to elegant tubes or classic glass jars: Didden can offer you a whole range of packaging to suit every application, consistently appetising and fresh.


The stringent selection process for our cauliflowers, gherkins and white onions, combined with our secret recipe, allow us to guarantee the authentic flavour of our pickles.

Bolognaise sauces

Discover Didden's range of pasta sauces. We use only the finest meat and the freshest ingredients in our bolognaise sauces, bringing a Mediterranean touch to your meals. You have no doubt already sampled them: we supply private label products to most retail chains.


Didden's delicious musselssauce is an essential ingredient to enhance good mussels. It is one of the few sauces found in the refrigerated section.

Sauces for steak tartare

Didden offers a selection of sauces too add to your steak tartare: autentic and traditional recipes, each with its own personality.


Didden, a pioneer and specialist in chutneys, offers you a wide selection of products to add an unforgettable touch to your finest culinary creations.

Délicatessen Fruity Sauce for Cheese

A fine cheese and fruity chutney, the perfect combination! Didden has prepared a range of outstanding fruit chutneys for you, to bring a whole new level of flavour to your cheese.

Welcome to Didden!

The passion for taste - Since 1925

We are proud to have earned the trust of the biggest names in consumer and trade distribution as well as in the industry.

This trust is based on the different quality parameters in which our teams invest with enthusiasm:

    • Quality of our recipes
    • Quality of our IFS certified production
    • Quality of our logistics
    • Quality of our commercial service

At Didden, we listen to your needs and we offer a tailored approach. Contact us, we’ll be glad to share our know-how.

Michèle Didden

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