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1925: Jean-François Didden find that there is a high demand in the market for food taste enhancers and creates his own hand made mustard. It is a hit! His 2 sons, Théodore & François, join him shortly after: “Didden & Fils – Usines Didden” is born. The company starts a diversification with vinegar, onions and pickles.

1939: Jean-François & François die during the war. Théodore continues to manage the business with his family. At the time, with no mustard grains to be found, they produce the mustard with carrots and radish grains!

1947: The 3rd Generation joins the company. Pierre Didden, son of François, pushes the development thanks to his creativity and the contact with the big distribution groups.

1950: Jacques Emile Pany, his cousin, joins the company and helps to sell Didden products country wide (butchers, fine groceries and local retailers). This is also the year that the “Grand-Mère” mayonnaise is born.

1958 – 1964: For the World exposition in Brussels, Didden launches new spicy sauces for Americans. They will be followed by other new sauces: béarnaise, tartar, andalouse and aioli.

1983: Didden diversifies its production and starts producing salads.

1988: Italian sauces join the extensive product range.

1990: The first Didden chutneys are created. They become the brand’s finial. Didden rapidly becomes the undisputed leader in Belgium thanks to the refinement of its varieties.

1993: To meet the gourmet expectation, Didden launches the innovative Doypack packaging! Handy & Tasty!

1996: Pierre Didden pasts away and is replaced by his daughter Michèle. The 4th generation!

1998: Didden obtains the HACCP certification, synonymous with quality standards.

2000: The production site is expanding to more than 2000 m².

2004: Didden is certified BRC and starts exporting.

2010: Thanks to innovation, Didden is now producing for the brands of Carrefour, Delhaize, Colruyt, Aldi and Lidl.

2011: Didden changes its logo and creates a new product: Cheese Delight’s. The step for social media is taken and Didden appears on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

2012: Didden gets an IFS Superior Level and creates a new product: dressings.

2013 – Didden is certified SAC.

2014: Didden invests a lot for the export and is now in many countries such as : France, Spain, Germany, The Netherlands, Luxemburg, Romania, Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Israel and even Canada!