Jean-François Didden


Creating Didden

It is in 1925 that Jean-François Didden starts to produce his mustard by following the recipe that is highly liked by his family. This marks the start of Didden. Together with his two sons, François and Théodore, he sells mustard by going door to door with his horse to share his passion for taste.

Old Didden trucks


Gherkins, onions, pickles

The incomparable taste and texture of the Didden Mustard, makes from Didden the Belgian reference. Very quickly, it offers other condiments such as gherkins, onions and pickles. Fresh, refined and selected with taste and care following our expertise and requirements, the Didden products are immediately a pledge of quality in the eyes of connoisseurs.

Mayonnaise Grand-Mère


The authentic Grand-Mère Mayonnaise

Launch of the authentic Grand-Mère mayonnaise for the Brussels World's Fair

Very attached to his country and heritage, Pierre Didden, already the third generation, launches the authentic Grand-Mère mayonnaise for the Brussels World's Fair. It is nowadays still made like in the olden days, with a hand mixer.

Grand-Mère range


Didden extends its range of sauces

Following the success of the Grand-Mère Mayonnaise, Pierre Didden decides to launch other variants of cold sauces. A few years later, he decided to launch a range of warm sauces.



Didden embarks on the art of confit

Our creative passion pushes Pierre Didden to embark in the art of the confit. It's an ancestral accompaniment, brilliantly brought up to date, which is the centerpiece of Didden for thirty years. Didden is the only one to have such mastery in Belgium.

Michèle Didden


Michèle Didden, fourth generation, takes the company over

It is in the heart of Brussels that Michèle Didden perpetuates a family heritage, rich of four generations: the passion for gourmet and creative cuisine



Didden launches a range of Dressings

Thanks to the creative passion of Michèle Didden, Didden launches a new range of Dressings.
The dressings add some sunshine, something that is a bit missing in Belgium, to your dishes and your salads.



Didden continues to sublimate dishes

Today, Didden continues to combine heritage and modernity by imaging the most surprising associations of flavors while remaining authentic and faithful to the values that are dear to it.
Concerned about the health and well-being of its gastronomes, Didden is committed to offer authentic culinary creations for a healthy pleasure and a multisensory experience.