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Cold Sauces

With a tasty plate of chips, a fondue, a barbecue or pre-dinner nibbles, our cold sauces enhance the pleasure of the moment. From mayonnaise to tartar, cocktail, béarnaise and Andalusian, Didden produces a wide range of traditional quality cold sauces.

Enjoy them every day, in different sizes and packaging. From classic jars on a traditional table to very trendy and highly practical squeeze bottles and tubes. Discover our Mayonnaise Grand-Mère: still produced using a whisk, and rich in Omega 3 thanks to the rapeseed oil used.

You can find our exclusive doypacks in the refrigerated section. Practical and environmentally friendly, these ready-to-use sachets guarantee unbeatable freshness and outstanding taste.

Didden's sauce for mussels :

This very tasty sauce is one of Didden’s specialities, an essential ingredient to enhance your mussels and chips. It is also one of the few sauces located in the refrigerated section. Available in doypacks and practical and elegant tubes, this sauce, which ranks among the best sellers on the Belgian market, has become an essential purchase!